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I was taking a walk after lunch on Thursday and found some cherry blossom trees almost in full-bloom.
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo 2008 お花見をしたい方はどうぞCollapse )
I'll be going to Kobe in few months and I'm also planning a short trip to Inubosaki Lighthouse in Choshi.

I've never been to Kobe, but it won't be something like sightseeing...I will get a closer medical checkup for MRI. I do hope it will turn out to be good, or I'll need to be hopitalized and go through the operation...

On the other hand, visiting Inubosaki Lighthouse is just for fun. Ever since I visited Windpoint Lighthouse in WI, US, I kept thinking of visiting. Choshi city is very famous for fresh fish, so I'll try some raw fish if I get a chance.

I'm going to call the clinic and check the details of checkup as I get the doctor's appointment. Luckily, I'm taking a day-off next Friday.

Off to do cleaning...good thing it's getting warmer here.


I was going to update my lj saying "I'm back online" but I don't know what to say right now.

Am I just being unlucky???

1. My computer that I bought in July 2007 died and it will be fixed early next month.

2. My new laptop computer that I bought for backup(which arrived a week ago) is dying. I think it's kind of initial failure or something... I need to send it back to manufacturer shortly. The pre-installed software which I don't need is causing the problem, I think.

3. The washing machine which I bought 10 years ago suddenly died. My brother is going to buy a new one soon, but I need to use coin washers until then.

4. I got sick and had to stay in bed last week.

Yeah, I have to mention something good, too.

1. For the engineer's visit and replacement of washing machine, I'm cleaning my house, finally.

2. suzaku18 joined lj and ZL community. She scanlated ZL special manga using my translation that I posted in community few months ago. She asked me for permission to use my translation. She sounded nice to me, so I said OK. I finally got to read the scanlation this weekend. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you, suzaku18!

3. My old computer which I bought in 2000 is still OK. It freezes often, but it doesn't die. I'm updating this entry through it. It almost died when I had to purchase a new one, but it survived. I don't know why new computers do not seem to be tough enough.

Lastly, I have to mention that I DO MISS TALKING TO spacemonkeyku. I haven't talked to her for a month. And I'm a little worried about pete61kiss. I hope he is fine.
I did leave a message for your voice mail when I called you yesterday.

I'm really looking forward to seeing them online soon.

Still offline.....

I could boot my old computer fortunately, so I decided to update my lj.

The hard disk of my new computer crashed last weekend and it will be replaced at the end of this month.
I'll see if I can retrieve any data from it...

I'm not dissapointed, but was so shocked.

I need to clean up my room before the engineer's visit. The problem is, I like cleaning itself, but I'm not an organized person.

I'll be completely offline until I finish cleaning and my computer is fixed. It IS a good chance to clean my house.
I will just read lj through my mobile until then.

Hopefully I will be able to see you sometime at the end of this month or the beginning of the next month.


Surprising people and giving gifts addict

Last weekend, when I talked to Ku online, she asked me to get another Pumpkin Scissors sweatshirt for John, so that he doesn't have to steal her sweatshirt anymore. There were some stocks left at Gonzo online shop, so I ordered it before they run out of stock. It is going to be delivered tomorrow night. Ordering a shirt eventually made me get some more surprises for the next year, I mean, souvenirs for my next trip, even if I don't know WHEN I can go!

I was browsing some newly arrived anime goods last night and I decided to go Akihabara after work. Yes, today(yesterday) was my payday and I have 3 days holidays!(December 23rd is the Emperor's birthday here.)
Next week I will have 3 more days of work and I'll be free for one week!!!

I went to GEE Store and Animate. They've got very good stuff to suprise Ku's family. Isn't it fun to shop gifts and sourvenirs for some others, not for myself? I'm getting a kind of shopping addict for getting something for my friends, for me, actually my new family.

I can't tell you what I got today, but when I asked the guy to gift wrap stuff I bought, he used sort of Christmas wrapping, which made me laugh a little.
I really don't know when I can visit them and I got back from my trip just few weeks ago!

The good thing is, now I now what they like, so it's pretty easy to figure out what I should get.
I thought I was running out of ideas, but not at all. I'm pretty confident that I can surprise my friends everytime.

I haven't colored "Denno Coil" fanart yet. I'm still struggling how to color my drawings. There are too many functions in painting software to use. I haven't watched the very last part of this anime. I need to catch up during the vacation.

Yasako(Yuko Okonogi)
Yasako(Yuko Okonogi)

I really was going to post pics of my trip, but I don't know why I end up with posting my drawings?
you're the one to find it outCollapse )
I left for US on Nov. 27th to visit Ku's family and returned on Dec. 3rd in Japan time safely.
I had lots of fun there. Now I'm back to work and too tired to post pics...

Before I post the details of my trip, I have to thank you guys, who are now very very special to me.

spacemonkeyku, I'm so glad I could actually meet you in person! So we're not "on-line friends" any more, right? Meeting you have changed my life, you know, my big sister in US?

pete61kiss, I really enjoyed talking to you staying up late at night! I think we can talk forever about our own experiences and "The Tick"! I need to look for DVDs for it and I'm going to look for more info for "Takeshi's Castle" you love.

jimbobpetemoss, I really enjoyed meeting you and talking to you while I was there although I could stay with you just for a short time. The painting you gave me is now my "family treasure". You're a great artist!

I'm going to post pics I took during my trip this weekend.

Getting ready for work... I have one more day before the weekend!

Before I leave Japan...

I completed "Empath Empowerment" 4-days workshop yesterday. I had fun and learned very useful techniques for the rest of my life. Maybe I will write about it sometime later.

Now I'm completely off from work! Yay!!!

I'm still packing my stuff right now.
Within 12 hours from now, I'm leaving for US to visit spacemonkeyku and her family.

Souvenirs(& surprises) - ready!
Transportation arrangements - all set!
Packing... not finished...

Hopefully I will see you there, Ku!
I'm getting on a time machine and going back to past a little bit.(because of the time difference)

Going back to packing...


I'm very satified right now.
I could complete the translation of ZL special manga in Official Guidebook and post it.
Thanks, Ku for checking my translation.
I really wanted to do this before I leave for US.

I'll be away for "Empath Empowerment Workshop" for next two weekends, and shortly I will leave Japan.
"Aura Reading Workshop", the previous workshop I attended, was very interesting. The instructor, Rose Rosetree was very sweet and funny.

During the workshop, I tried to take notes in English as much as possible since the instructor was American.
Some of the participants were surprised to look at my notebook and told me, "Wow, you're taking notes in English!". Yeah, I really do not need the interpretor, but I was impressed by her (interpretor's) work, too. I could never be able to do the same.

Anyway, before going back to work, I have to say something for Ku's family. I really enjoyed talking to HS today. He ALWAYS surprises me. HS and Ku are both very funny, nice and sweet. I can't wait to see you guys!

I booked the bus for the airport, so all I need to do is that booking a taxi and complete packing.
Today I digged DVD "FMA the movie", this will go to HS. This disc has a slight scratch(and I got refund for it), but it plays OK. I played it for a while to test it. If HS can finish watching the rest of TV series, I'll be able to watch this DVD during my stay.

OMG, Yatterman is coming back in Jan 2008

I was looking for subbed version of this anime last Friday and happened to find the incredible news.
Yatterman is coming back in Jan 2008.
This is one of the biggest surprise for me in 2007.

This anime was my first obsession.
It is very very silly, but I love it.
I started to draw a lot after watching this anime and it made me think about learning drawing to be a professional animator.(Later I gave it up and went to US to study English as an exchange student.)

I used to help circles which were making Yatterman and Ippatsuman doujinshi when I was a student.
I hope the original casts will do characters' voice again, but it should be hard because most of them are getting so old.
The narrator of this anime has been dead already.
I do hope Noriko Ohara, Joji Yanami, Kazuya Tatekabe will do "san akunin"(3 villains, "Doronbo") again.
They cannot be replaced, definitely.

OMG, I'm getting really old. I'd never expected to watch the new series again.
I wonder how they sub this anime in English. Some of the lines in Japanese are almost impossible to translate!

1st OP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwZTHa1a9ps

Gan Takada
Gan Takada

P.S. After I drew Gan-chan, 13-year-old boy, the lead character I posted above, I realized that he kind of reminds me of John!