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My life goes on

Last week I thought of going on a trip to US on Thursday, made decision on Sunday, booked the flight on Tuesday, and I paid the installment to confirm my flight on Wednesday.
It took me less than a week to fix my schedule. I can't believe I could do this.

Today at work, my colleague asked me about my vacation.
"Are you going on a trip?"
"Yes, I'm going to visit US again."
"Are you visiting someone there?"
"Yeah, I'm going to visit my best friend.
I met her online and she is now my best friend. She offered me to stay with her."
"You mean you haven't met her in person yet?"
"I haven't met her in person, but we talk quite a lot on weekends online."
My colleague was surprised to know I got a best friend through internet.
Usually I don't talk to her a lot because we have almost nothing in common, but this topic helped me to enjoy talking to her.
Later she even served a cup of tea for me, which made me happy.

After work I went shipping to Akihabara. I wanted to buy something special for someone very special to me.
Fortunately I could buy almost everything that I wanted to buy and I didn't forget to ask the guy at the cashier for gift wrapping.

I got on the train and took a nap as always. I got up and realized that a group of foreigners - 5 to 6 people - were talking too loud. They were talking in English and I could hear them very well even though I was few meters away from them. I just couldn't stand it and got mad a little.
I talked to the girl who was in the group before getting off the train.
"You guys are too loud. Would you be more quiet?"
I had to get off, so I couldn't make sure they would be quiet or not, but I was glad I could ask them in English at least.

Getting something to eat before going to bed...
Yay, 3 days holiday starts from tomorrow!

OMG, I've just seen a small centipede in my room!


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Oct. 5th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
I'll make sure we have some earplugs for you when you come and stay. HS has a naturally loud voice. It's actually cute, he's nervous about being too loud for you. :D

It's funny how quickly it all happened, isn't it? But very cool!
Oct. 6th, 2007 12:23 am (UTC)
awww that so awesome that you and Ku can get to meet each other! ^_^
Have a safe trip to Ku-san place.

and yeah Gaijin can be really loud and abnoxious -_-;;
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