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I'm very satified right now.
I could complete the translation of ZL special manga in Official Guidebook and post it.
Thanks, Ku for checking my translation.
I really wanted to do this before I leave for US.

I'll be away for "Empath Empowerment Workshop" for next two weekends, and shortly I will leave Japan.
"Aura Reading Workshop", the previous workshop I attended, was very interesting. The instructor, Rose Rosetree was very sweet and funny.

During the workshop, I tried to take notes in English as much as possible since the instructor was American.
Some of the participants were surprised to look at my notebook and told me, "Wow, you're taking notes in English!". Yeah, I really do not need the interpretor, but I was impressed by her (interpretor's) work, too. I could never be able to do the same.

Anyway, before going back to work, I have to say something for Ku's family. I really enjoyed talking to HS today. He ALWAYS surprises me. HS and Ku are both very funny, nice and sweet. I can't wait to see you guys!

I booked the bus for the airport, so all I need to do is that booking a taxi and complete packing.
Today I digged DVD "FMA the movie", this will go to HS. This disc has a slight scratch(and I got refund for it), but it plays OK. I played it for a while to test it. If HS can finish watching the rest of TV series, I'll be able to watch this DVD during my stay.