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Surprising people and giving gifts addict

Last weekend, when I talked to Ku online, she asked me to get another Pumpkin Scissors sweatshirt for John, so that he doesn't have to steal her sweatshirt anymore. There were some stocks left at Gonzo online shop, so I ordered it before they run out of stock. It is going to be delivered tomorrow night. Ordering a shirt eventually made me get some more surprises for the next year, I mean, souvenirs for my next trip, even if I don't know WHEN I can go!

I was browsing some newly arrived anime goods last night and I decided to go Akihabara after work. Yes, today(yesterday) was my payday and I have 3 days holidays!(December 23rd is the Emperor's birthday here.)
Next week I will have 3 more days of work and I'll be free for one week!!!

I went to GEE Store and Animate. They've got very good stuff to suprise Ku's family. Isn't it fun to shop gifts and sourvenirs for some others, not for myself? I'm getting a kind of shopping addict for getting something for my friends, for me, actually my new family.

I can't tell you what I got today, but when I asked the guy to gift wrap stuff I bought, he used sort of Christmas wrapping, which made me laugh a little.
I really don't know when I can visit them and I got back from my trip just few weeks ago!

The good thing is, now I now what they like, so it's pretty easy to figure out what I should get.
I thought I was running out of ideas, but not at all. I'm pretty confident that I can surprise my friends everytime.

I haven't colored "Denno Coil" fanart yet. I'm still struggling how to color my drawings. There are too many functions in painting software to use. I haven't watched the very last part of this anime. I need to catch up during the vacation.

Yasako(Yuko Okonogi)
Yasako(Yuko Okonogi)


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Dec. 21st, 2007 07:27 pm (UTC)
I like your drawing! I don't know what Denno Coil is about, but I always think that your art skills are wonderful.

I'm glad you're enjoying he holiday shopping. People get so crazy that I'm afraid to go to the stores. This year, I'm just baking cookies to give to everyone so that I don't have to wait in shopping lines!
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