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About Mr. Ryotaro Iwanaga

In Japan four consecutive holidays have just started!
It's so called "Golden Week" which is Japanese English.
I overslept today and also took a long nap with my cat.

Let me return to the subject.

I started watching Pumpkin Scissors anime in October, 2006 and bought Manga in February 2007.
I became a big fan of his after reading comics.

He made his first appearance in "Shone Magazine Great" in 2002.
Pumpkin Scissors is his first long series as a professional cartoonist.
His personal information hasn't been disclosed much. He was born in Kobe.

He sometimes posts comments in the blog which is maintained by his mutual friend and he also has his own discussion board.
He used to use "Iwao Nishinari" as a pen name before he started Pumpkin Scissors.

I sometimes visit his discussion board to look for new information and updates.
Some of his fans leave comments about the current series in the monthly issue.
He leaves his comments and update the status once a month - in Japanese.
I don't think he speaks English, but I think he has a good sense of using English.
Anti Tank Trooper, or other phrases he uses in his manga sound good to me.
He sometimes reveal secrets behind the scenes and tell us how he is struggling to produce a good entertainment for us.
He always seem to try hard to find good dialogues - which is called "name" in Japanese, special word for cartoonist. He says it requires much time to think of good and impressive dialogues.
No wonder why we are so much impressed by them.

I found some interesting comments there.
I'd like to translate it and post it in the community.
It's about the height of Randel and other characters.
I don't think all Japanese fans know this information.

Thank you for reading and your comments are very welcome!


May. 3rd, 2007 08:13 pm (UTC)
There was actually a discussion on the Pumpkin Scissors community about heights and ages of the characters a while back. No one had any information about it, so we guessed at what they would be. It would be great if you translated and post that information!

It's so wonderful that you are taking the time to translate and post all this information for us!^_^