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I'll be going to Kobe in few months and I'm also planning a short trip to Inubosaki Lighthouse in Choshi.

I've never been to Kobe, but it won't be something like sightseeing...I will get a closer medical checkup for MRI. I do hope it will turn out to be good, or I'll need to be hopitalized and go through the operation...

On the other hand, visiting Inubosaki Lighthouse is just for fun. Ever since I visited Windpoint Lighthouse in WI, US, I kept thinking of visiting. Choshi city is very famous for fresh fish, so I'll try some raw fish if I get a chance.

I'm going to call the clinic and check the details of checkup as I get the doctor's appointment. Luckily, I'm taking a day-off next Friday.

Off to do cleaning...good thing it's getting warmer here.


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Mar. 23rd, 2008 07:36 am (UTC)
What's wrong?
Ok Umineko, what's wrong with you? HUH???? What kind of surgery are we talking about? I'm being nosy because I am concerned, keep us informed and let me know what's going on! I can focus on someone elses medical problems then! Also, pictures of the light house.......I want LOTS of them!And, eat some raw fish for me, don't send me any because I won't eat it but if you want to pig out just tell them you're eating extra for your brother in the states!!!! See ya,Pete
Mar. 25th, 2008 05:56 am (UTC)
Checkup for MRI? Hope things will turn out just fine. No fun having to be hospitalized.

Kobe...ah, good memories. A beautiful and interesting city. Went to Mt. Rokko, old western area in Kitano and the harbor area.
Hope you enjoy Inubosaki Lighthouse. It's pretty when you get to the top.

Take care~
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