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I was so moved by ARIA!

Today I was reading the latest ep of ARIA manga - ep 55 and I was so moved and impressed by it and started to draw fanart.
Manga has already been licensed in the US and I hope anime will be licensed soon.

I've just joined aria manga community in lj and posted this fanart.

Both anime and manga are very good. The lead character Akari Mizunashi's smile gives us happiness and joy.
If you love cats, you should try it.

Ku-san, I don't know why I didn't recommend ARIA when we talked online.
Please watch ARIA (First season is ARIA THE ANIMATION - 13 eps and Second season is ARIA The NATURAL - 26 eps) before Denno Coil.
The original manga is called a "healing comic". The story is so good and sometimes makes me cry.(This is not a sad story. I cry when I watch or read ARIA since I get so moved.)

I'm going to bed...I'm so sleepy.


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Aug. 25th, 2007 11:40 pm (UTC)
Your drawing is so beautiful! I really like it. =)
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