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Meeting good friends

I've completed transferring drawing software from my old PC to new PC.
I could even upgrade it.
I'm glad I can start coloring Randel!
I found another old drawing. It was drawn a year ago.

Brain Brain

Ku-san, it was very nice talking to you, to find out that we are so much alike.
And also, thank you very much for your advice.
I hope Chi can join us next time!
I love her "lol".

Hopefully, I'll be meeing Mona-chan next weekend.

By the way, I started "Randel's English Lesson" in my Japanese site.
I hope it will get some attention from Japanese readers.


Aug. 5th, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
I love seeing all your drawings. But by now you should know how I feel about that! ^_^

No problem helping with the advice. (You can always email if you don't see me online and need help with anything)It's always a lot of fun talking to you. We'll make sure to get Chi next time, although I think you beat her with the LOLs this weekend! :D