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Comiket and new friends

I had not been to Comiket for several years.

This time I got to know Mona-chan and B-chan, so I decided to go there.
First day was terrible - too hot and humid! I was supposed to meet them at the main entrance of Tokyo Big site, but I couldn't find them.
I did not walk around and waited for them and tried to look for them.
After two hours, I finally found them and we were so happy.

On the second day, we had so much fun!
It was not so crowded as the first day and it was cooler.
We could take our time to enjoy looking for doujinshi.
I visited Pumpkin Scissors circles and could meet few of the owners of PS fan sites and I bought few PS doujinshi.
Cosplay space was too crowded and I couldn't find PS cosplayers.

We met up with Miyoko-san and some other friends of Mona-chan.
I don't think I was a good guide at all.
I hope my English helped them after all.

After Comiket, Mona-chan invited me for a dinner at the Indonesian restaurant. 11 of us were at the table and 8 of us were lj users!
It's a small world, isn't it?
We ended up with exchanging our lj usernames.

Yesterday, after I got home, I was reading the Book, "Zombie-Loan Official Set Material Book" which I bought at the Comiket. I suddenly felt like drawing Chika and gave it a first try.



Aug. 21st, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
Hi! Thank you for visiting my lj and your comments on my fanart.
I will post in Zombie-Loan community after coloring it.

"Zombie-Loan Official Set Material Book" includes main characters' setting in anime. It can be a bible for fanartists and cosplayers.

I have to tell you one thing, which is very important.
I don't think scanning/uploading manga on the web is "sharing."
I never do this because I'm a fan of Zombie-Loan and I'd like to be respectful to the original creator, Peach-Pit.
If you are a fan of Zombie-Loan and Peach-Pit, you should be able to understand.
I know it's hard to buy manga, goods, etc. for you, if you live outside Japan.
Please understand I'm not being mean to you, and also to the members of the community.

So, if you really want to buy it, you have to ask someone who lives in Japan.
Actually, it's not on sale yet. I've got it for the pre-sale at the Comiket.
Anime goods shops usually don't ship this kind of thing outside Japan.